BRAZIL WILIDLIFE EXPEDITIONS specializes in providing Amazon Adventure Explorations that are off the beaten path, designed especially for outdoor enthusiasts, birders, photographers, nature lovers, eco-travelers, and adventure seekers. We run a variety of Eco-conscious Amazon rainforest explorations, including: riverboat adventures, exciting jungle expeditions, and lodge stays in remote areas where wildlife is still abundant in large numbers. We also offer specialty Amazon tours such as fishing tours, trekking and camping tours, bird watching tours, medicinal plant tours, wilderness expeditions, discovery explorations, and cultural eco tours.

We are possibly the only Brazilian Amazon tour company that provides personalized, one-on-one service from start to finish with the company’s founder / owner Carlos Grandez Perez, who personally undertakes each tour himself as your expert guide and companion. Carlos Grandez is a local tour operator that specializes in taking small groups to places that are off the beaten path, including the Madeira River, Tapajos River, Juruena River, Javari River and the rainforest of the Southern Brazilian Amazon and Alta Floresta. With BRAZIL WIDLIFE EXPEDITIONS you will have the luxury of the entire tour being centered on your interests, going at your own pace and with your own personal guide giving you his complete, undivided attention.

Whether traveling alone, with friends or with family, if you are interested in venturing into remote Amazon regions, are keen to immerse yourself in the local culture, and want to learn more about the indigenous wildlife, contact us and we will gladly create a private tour to accommodate your needs and preferences. Begin planning your Amazon adventure today!


Stay in secluded Amazon wilderness lodges, located deep in forest reserves , where great wildlife viewing just comes naturally! Surrounded by the rainforest's "sea of green", the accommodations at the lodges are rustic, comfortable and very scenic. You will be overnighting, in areas that may contain the highest diversity of bird and tree species in the world!

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Cruise the rivers of the Amazon and discover the diverse wildlife and thriving cultures of this remote jungle paradise. Daily excursions allow you the opportunity to see diverse wildlife such as sloths, toucans, pink dolphins and more! You will also meet the local people, so that you can get a rare glimpse of how life ‘on the river‘ is lived.

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Travel by dugout canoe along narrow streams that go deep into the rainforest, camp every evening, and walk in the forest during the day observing plant and animal life. Itineraries includes nature hikes, bird watching, night excursions, piranha fishing, botanical instruction, dolphin swims, canoeing, camping and more. This is a true wilderness and wildlife experience with an unsurpassed sense of isolation.

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I came to Brazil looking for a rainforest experience. I wanted to see the Amazon! I meet Carlos in the foz de Iguacu Hostel where immediately I liked his laid back, relaxed personality. I joined a group of 8 to have a 5 day tour experience. Carlos and his staff worked extremely hard to make sure that we saw and experienced as much as possible on our tour. He offered many options in how to pass the days, ranging from camping out in the jungle, fishing for piranhas, hikes through the jungle and quiet paddles through the forest. The food was excellent and plentiful. Carlos spoke perfect English and was very knowledgeable. He educate us on all aspects of the Amazon from medicine plants, animals insect, birds, native live ecosystems and environmental issues. He was very patient and willing to answer any question and repeat any information again on the boat. If you are interested in having a unique and very rewarding experience Carlos tours are the answer.
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Gestern ist unsere siebentaegige Dschungeltour zu Endegegangen. Nun sind wir hier im lauten undgeschaeftigen Manaus und sehen uns zurueck. Zuruecknach unberuehrter Natur, insbesondere den munterspringenden Delphinen, finster dreinschauendenCaimanen und majestaetischen Black Collared Hawks,nicht jedoch nach den blutgierigen Moskitos. Wir danken unserem Guide Carlos fuer seineinteressanten Erlaeuterungen ueber Flora und Fauna desRegenwaldes sowie die Gebraeuche und Legenden dereinheimischen Bevoelkerung. Sein wachsames Auge undseine lustige und einfuehlsame Art haben die Reise zueinem runden Erlebnis gemacht. Unser besonderer Dankgilt auch der hervorragenden Koechin Eliana und demstaendig hilfsbereiten und geduldigen Antonio.
Jana und Anne / Germany / Anne Wessendorf (